Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ri Aus Coral Reef

Many established and new crafters in South Australia came together to work on crocheting a hyperbolic reef for the Ri Aus Institute situated in the old Stock Exchange building in exchange place, Adelaide.

The idea of hyperbolic crochet (A type of curve which comes back upon itself), came about when a mathematician discovered an hyperbola and could not find a way of describing it so he decided it didn't exist until his wife crocheted an example for him.

The University of Toronto maths department became very intersted in this function and decided to create a hyperbolic reef by having people crochet pieces of work in the hyperbolic fashion. This proved to be very popular and other maths and science faculties around the world decided to join in and create their own reefs.

Here in South Australia, over 300 people took part in creating over 1,200 pieces of work which were then displayed in an exhibit for SALA (South Australian living artists), 2011.

To be involved in this venture was a great growth experience, and I met many very clever people, and many who had never crocheted before, but grabbed a hook and had a great time, and created very successfully.

The photos posted here include some of my 12 pieces of my work which looked an awful lot better than I expected them to, due to the efforts of the amazing co-ordinators and curators of the exhibit!

This is the visible evidence of what can be achieved through getting together and crafting, what can't be shown here, and which I and I hope, many others gained, was a wonderful sense of camaraderie, and achievement.